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Orangefit Pre Workout (strawberry)

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A pre-workout is not a must, but it helps you get the most out of your workout. Sometimes you want to accomplish maximum focus, strength and stamina. And sometimes you don't feel like exercising at all. On those days you could use an extra boost. That’s where our no-crap and highly effective pre-workout comes in. 

One scoop of Orangefit Pre-Workout and you’re taking off like a rocket. Thanks to the perfectly balanced ingredients you won’t experience a crash. Oh yes, it’s completely after-dip-proof. Our pre-workout is highly effective and contains zero unwanted additives. 

Of course, we want our Orangefit Pre-Workout natural and tasty but effective. Many pre-workouts contain caffeine anahydrate. We choose a natural alternative: guarana plant-derived caffeine. Bonus: Orangefit Pre-Workout tastes nice and fruity, no need to chug it with your nose closed. 


L-citrulline, L-arginine alpha-ketoglutarate, beta-alanine, taurine, guarana extract (Paullinia cupana), strawberry powder, natural flavour, anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide, rhodiola rosea extract (Sedum roseum), acidity regulator: citric acid, sweetener: steviol glycosides from stevia (this comes from a plant), inulin, colouring agent: beetroot red (Beta vulgaris), black carrot juice concentrate (Daucus carota L. )



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